Mar 22 2024 Update Remko Rosenboom is the General Manager of Infrastructure Services for the SCRD and informed an HBES member/former board member that, based on information provided to staff and Board members by their consultant at the January 24th, 2024 Meeting, “…..the SCRD is currently not exploring the development of a new landfill in


Unregulated Development in Halfmoon Bay

In discussing development it’s important to recognize the housing crisis being faced on the Sunshine Coast and across the country is having a widespread impact on our community. We need more housing, and specifically more affordable housing. The Bayview Hills development (District Lot 1427), behind Coopers Green, is not intended to provide affordable housing, but

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Pull That Ivy

The British Isles may have given us lovely place names like Surrey and Queen Charlotte City and Dunsmuir Street as well as noble institutions like the English Common Law and Rugby and the House of Commons, but sadly they have also burdened our west coast habitat with invasive species like Gorse and Scotch Broom and

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Trans Canada Trail

Did you know that the Trans Canada Trail passes right through Halfmoon Bay? According to the online Trans Canada Trail map, the Land Trail finishes at the passenger waiting lounge at the BC Ferries terminal at Horseshoe Bay. The trail continues as a Water Trail around the north shores of Bowen and Keats Islands before

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Environmentally Important Sites and Streams on the Sunshine Coast

(Report Received by the SCRD Feb 25, 1998) The Sunshine Coast, particularly along Highway 101, is one of the fastest growing parts of the province, yet it still retains many viable fish streams and areas of natural value. The goal of this project Identification and Mapping of Streams and Environmentally Important Sites, conducted from early-1996

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Current Development in Halfmoon Bay, with reference to the Official Community Plan. I am very concerned about the level of development/deforestation/environmental destruction going on in Halfmoon Bay. I have read the Official Community Plan, and am, quite frankly, wondering where these authors/proponents/SCRD are…in the protection of our community. Words mean nothing. “Cove Beach,” then the

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Unsuitable Landfill Options Considered for Halfmoon Bay

BACKGROUND On January 20th, 2021, the SCRD Infrastructure Services Committee held a virtual meeting at which a Consultant from Tetra Tech outlined various options (Annex B) available to the SCRD regarding the future of Solid Waste on the Sunshine Coast. The SCRD operates a landfill site at Dusty Road in Sechelt, scheduled for closure in

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