Some highlights from past activities. Last updated Dec 2021.

1999 – Active member of the SCRD Liquid Waste Management Plan Advisory board for Halfmoon Bay.

1999 – Participated in the Halfmoon Bay Detect the Doo Doo Festival.

2006 –  Received $6,000 grant from UBCM Community Tourism for trail signage in Connor Park, Homesite Creek UREP*, Big Tree UREP*, and Elphinstone.

2011 – First Scotch Broom Bust on Redrooffs Road netting 2 tonnes.

2011 – Submitted Smugglers Cove Park Expansion proposal to Minister Terry Lake, BC Minister of Environment.

2012 – Presentation to the SCRD on the recommended route for the National Hiking Trail through Halfmoon Bay.

2015 – Secured Grant-in-Aid from SCRD to print and distribute A Homeowners Guide to Scotch Broom through a mail drop in Area B.

2015 – Negotiated the purchase of the Coopers Green Lagoon.

2016 – Representation on the Board of the Sunshine Coast Trails Society.

2017 – Sponsored workshop, “Not in my backyard, say no to knotweed” with Jennifer Lenz.

2018 – Trails committee maintaining trails between Highway 101 and Redrooffs Rd, Truman Loop and Homesite Creek Falls.

2019 – Produced and distributed 3,000 copies of A Homeowners Guide to Japanese Knotweed.

2021 – Signed an agreement with the SCRD to maintain the trails at Homesite Creek Falls.

2021 – Changed our name from the Halfmoon Bay Citizens Association to the Halfmoon Bay Environmental Society.

Halfmoon Bay Greenways (1996-2011)

Halfmoon Bay Greenways was a volunteer group managing various local trails. In 2011 this group’s efforts were incorporated into HBES.

  • 1997 – Grant received to sponsor a regional greenways workshop “Turning awareness into action”
    • Mission Statement agreed: “Communities linked together by wilderness, green corridors, parks and waterways preserved and protected in perpetuity.”
  • Presented to the SCRD requested they take on the Big Tree and Homesite Creek Recreational Areas.
  • Fund raised $18,000 towards the purchase of George Cormack Park
  • 2009-2011 – Signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the SCRD Adopt a Trail Program
    • Homesite Creek Falls UREP*, Big Tree UREP*, Crowston and Beaver Pond Loops.
  • Maintained the Truman Loop trail system until handed over to the (Sunshine Coast Trail Society (SCTS) and Halfmoon Bay Environmental Society (HBES)
  • 2011 – Transferred bank balance to Halfmoon Bay Environmental Society (HBES)

*UREP – Use, Recreation and Enjoyment of the Public Reserve, an area designated as a recreational reserve.