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Halfmoon Bay Environmental Society

Working to maintain a quality environment for the community of Halfmoon Bay.

About Us

Since 1999, the Halfmoon Bay Environmental Society has focused on a variety of environmental causes including: sustainable development; invasive species like Scotch Broom and Japanese Knotweed; managing trails and advocating for new recreational spaces; supporting other local groups; educating and informing the local community with events and speakers.

Our Projects

Invasive Species

Learn more about our work to control invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and Scotch Broom.


Learn more about our work maintaining and expanding local trails and recreational spaces.

Sustainable Development

Learn more about our work to ensure Halfmoon Bay is developed in a sustainable way.

“From its inception, the Society has had a concern for the environment and while its initial mission was ‘To protect and enhance the water quality of Halfmoon Bay’ its scope of concern broadened.”

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